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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association website! If you'd like to become an association member, please follow this link to fill out an application. If you do not qualify for membership you can still be a registered user of the website and participate in our interactive forum. Just follow the same link.

Benefits of Membership:

Tacoma mini vous by Dave Starrett 01/22/17 3:57 pm
The Tacoma mini-vous scheduled for March 9 through 12th has been postponed until next fall sometime. Dock Street Marina is a great destination, so we look forward to seeing everyone there when the time comes!

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Call for 2017 Dues and Volunteer Opportunities by Randy Wickers 01/13/17 11:45 am
Ahoy Tuggers!

PaNNTOA Board wishes you a Happy New Year as you start another cruising season! This message is to announce the call for Annual Dues of $30 payable via PayPal on our http://www.panntoa.org website. Please submit dues payment no later than May 1st .
Our dues pay for postage, website maintenance, financial administration (burgees and gear), and help to jumpstart our Annual Rendezvous.

We have a lot of energy this year, with proposals for two mini-rendezvous PLUS the Annual PaNNTOA Rendezvous.

Itís also a good time to take a look at your membership information. Sent me any changes updates. ADD MEMBERSHIP to the subject of your email to board@panntoa.org . If you donít have a photo of your Tug, please send one to me and Iíll see that it gets posted.

Hereís a list of just a few opportunities to help the Association:

1. We need volunteers to staff a PaNNTOA chair for 3-hour shifts at the Seattle Boat Show. Send your email to Bill Stone bill@sdajnw.com. Weíll have a PaNNTOA brochure available for handout.
2. The board is seeking interested Tuggers to serve during the 2018 boating year.
3. You are welcome to send any one of us ways you would like to contribute your talent, or to offer feedback and suggestions. Thatís how we make our Association better.

Hereís to a great season ahead! Donít forget to take advantage of the discounts offered to PaNNTOA Members. It doesnít take long before those cover our dues!


Randy Wickers, Membership Chairman, PaNNTOA
Time for Two, NT 42-036
board@panntoa.org ATTN: MEMBERSHIP

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Mini Vous by Dave Starrett 01/10/17 11:46 am
After the Seattle Boat Show there will be a mini vous with Sam Landsman, I copied his post from his web site here.
Attention Nordic Tug owners in the PNW! Interested in an After-Boat-Show Mini Cruise?
Sam, Kevin, and Laura will be leading a short, informal Nordic Tug mini-cruise right after the Seattle Boat Show. Weíll meet Sunday, February 5th at Blake Island, then head to Poulsbo the following day, and wrap up Tuesday, February 7th at Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island. Weather permitting, of course. If youíre interested in joining, send an email to sam@slowboat.com with your name, boat name, and LOA so we can make marina reservations.

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Nordic Tug Fleet List Announcement by Sharon Robertson 12/05/16 3:43 pm
The announcement below was posted on the Sentoa listserver related to the ownership of the owners fleet list. If you are a Nordic Tug owner you should be listed on the fleet list. Please confirm the accuracy of your information.

Dear SENTOA Listserver Subscribers,

As many of you know, Charlie Billings, owner of NOBSKA (32-057) was the Editor of the Nordic Tug Newsletter from 2006 until the final issue in 2012. The newsletter was continuously published from 1981 until 2012 and mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to subscribers. It ceased publication because of the multiple Nordic Tug owners association websites that fulfilled the same purpose. All of the back issue are available to read or download on nordictugowners.com if you are interested.

The Newsletter also included a Fleet List of the Nordic Tug owners. Charlie has continued to maintain the Fleet List which is also published on the nordictugowners.com website. It is no easy task, believe me, to try to keep up with all of the transfers of ownership of used Nordic Tugs and to ferret out the owners of new tugs. Charlie has done a terrific job for the past 10 years and deserves a big round of applause. If you run into him, be sure to give him your thanks.

Time has come for the torch to be passed to a new keeper of the Fleet List. Ron Matuska, owner of ADAGIO (34-318), graciously volunteered to take over the maintenance of the owner database; clearly he didnít know what he was getting into. Thinking quickly, Charlie accepted Ronís proposal and then weighed anchor in NOBSKA for parts unknown.

Ron has been diligently trying to confirm and update much of the information in the database, comparing it to Coast Guard registrations, factory records and Charlieís and my fading memories. The latest version of the Fleet List is posted on nordictugowners.com. There are three versions: sorted by hull number, sorted by tug name, and sorted by location. Ron has requested SENTOA Listserver subscribers to take a few minutes and look closely at the Fleet List.

1. If you are a current owner, please confirm that the information about the Nordic Tug you own is correct.

2. If you are a former owner, please check to see if the tug you previously owned is listed with the new owner.

3. If you are a Nordic Tug dealer or broker, check to see if you can fill in any of the unknown owners.

4. Everyone, look up all of your Nordic Tug owning friends and see if their information is correct.

If you have any corrections to the Fleet List, send them to Ron at ramatuska@gmail.com. Ron is also interested in rumors like, ďOh, I think that tug was confiscated by the IRSĒ or ďIím pretty sure they got divorced but I donít know who has custody of the tugĒ. Send these comments also to Ron. He enjoys playing detective.

Thanks for your help, thanks again to Charlie (I think he snuck back to the dock) and thanks to Ron!

Herb Nickles

SENTOA List Server Administrator

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2016 PaNNTOA Rendezvous Wrap Up by Jeri Starrett 06/30/16 10:33 am
The 2016 PaNNTOA was a fun filled 3 day event! We had 46 boats register and 89 attendees. The sun came out for the vous and we enjoyed beautiful weather along the Anacortes waterfront. The speakers, workshops, Captain Charlie, oysters, food catered by Gere-a-Deli and the setting all came together for a wonderful event. Nordic Tuggers enjoyed time hanging out on the docks, attending the Waterfront Festival, and sharing dinners together. A big thank you to our sponsors and donors. Check out our Sponsors page at the link above, and support the businesses that support PaNNTOA! A big thank you to all the attendees for pitching in to help at the vous, your help was much appreciated. New photos of the vous have been uploaded and can be viewed in the Photos link.

Mark your calendars for the 2017 Vous to be held June 1 - 4, 2017. See you there! Jeri

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Re: Port Ludlow Mini Rendezvous Revisited by Ron Nelson 11/27/15 9:59 am
We like to attend a mini-rendezvou Anne. Also, you might consider some south sound places like Arabella's in Gig Harbor, Dock Street in Tacoma, or even Port Orchard where I live.

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